The new rules clearly state that an agency that uses a third-party to provide a local Colorado office is responsible for actions of the third-party that violate the Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Select your local Colorado office wisely.

Colorado Manager, Inc. began in 1998 as Colorado Collection Connection, Inc. There have been many legislative changes over the years, of which we have always been knowledgeable and compliant.

Our company is unique, because our competitors tend to be law offices, or collection agencies. Others provide you with a virtual office that represents all sorts of businesses, or do this from a residential address. Your company is best represented by an office that does nothing besides provide a professional local Colorado office representing out-of-state agencies. In this way there is no conflict of interest, and no confusion when a debtor contacts your local office and either reaches a law office or a receptionist unfamiliar with CFDCPA.

Maybe the most important distinction is that Colorado Manager, Inc. did not support the new law that took effect July 1, 2010, and will not support any legislation that will extend or increase current regulations. The in-state office requirement was scheduled to sunset in 2009, but due to the lobbying efforts of many in-state office providers, it was extended until 2017. Agencies should consider whether they want to support a company that may lobby against their interests in the future. Colorado Manager will never support lobbying efforts that are not in the best interest of the very companies that we represent.

We consistently and professionally protect the reputations of our clients. No matter what a debtor tells us, we always presume that our client is innocent of any violation. Our database has detailed information about each of our clients which enables us to have immediate communication with our clients in the event of any debtor complaints. We know how to walk the fine line of being kind and sympathetic, yet careful and professional.