As your local Colorado office we fully comply with the new Colorado Collection Agency Board rules, which state:


Rule 1.09

(1) A collection agency may satisfy the local Colorado office requirement of section12-14-123 (1)(B) C.R.S. by contracting with a third-party if the third-party:


(A) Maintains an office in Colorado open to the public during normal business hours that may be a shared office location if signs or directories are posted or displayed listing all collection agencies for whom the third-party provides a local Colorado office;

(B) Maintains at that office records, or free and easy access to records, of all moneys collected and remitted for Colorado residents’;

(C) Accepts at that office physical payments of debts the agency is attempting to collect;

(D) Staffs that office with a full time employee who may be a shared employee.

(E) Provides a telephone number that may be a shared telephone number, that rings to the local Colorado office and is answered in a manner that does not mislead consumers; and,

(F) Complies with all applicable provisions of the Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.



Colorado Manager, Inc. has been helping out-of-state collection agencies comply with local Colorado office requirements since 1998 and is best equipped to reliably and professionally represent your company. We have specific procedures to handle debtor payments, mail forwarding, phone calls, and consumer complaints. All of our employees are trained to handle every situation consistently according to our own procedures manual. And in the unlikely event of an important mistake, we retain Errors & Omissions Insurance to protect our clients. For details regarding the procedures we use to comply with these rules, see FAQ.



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